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Atlas V Collection

Atlas V Collection

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This is a digital download and NOT a physical product!

Build and launch your own mighty and brick-built ULA® Atlas V model!

Standing 47-54 cm (18.6-21.3 in) tall, the Atlas V models are built at 1:110 scale, the same scale as the official LEGO® Saturn V set! They're designed to capture the details and unique shapes of the mighty Atlas V in a robust and feature-rich construction, designed scale-accurately in everything from the exterior dimensions to details. The three default configurations, N22, 431 and 551 contain 628-978 pieces, at an approximate price of $60-100, for which you can find an easy guide to buying in the "How to buy the pieces" section below. The digital building instructions you'll receive with your purchase are high-quality and easy to follow, even for less experienced builders.

The model features:

  • Accurate staging, with the Common Booster Core (CCB) first stage, the Centaur upper stage and up to five strap-on Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)
  • Two standard payload fairings, 4,2 or 5,4 m (14 or 18 ft) in diameter (both are available at three different heights respectively).
  • The aeroshell and cruise stage for the Mars Rovers Curiosity/Perseverance, along with the Centaur upper stage housed within the 5m wide payload fairing.
  • Deployable grid fins and landing legs, with deployment arms that can be added to display the landed first stage.
  • The Starliner capsule for the N22 configuration, that can be properly separated into its components.
  • A sturdy construction with robustly built cores and connections between the stages allowing for easy handling and light play.

Fully configurable collection coming soon!

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Atlas V is an American expendable medium-lift launch vehicle originally built and first launched by Lockheed Martin in 2002, but is since 2006 being operated by ULA. It's the largest and final rocket in the Atlas launch vehicle family, which has its origin in the 1950s. With over 20 years of service, Atlas V is America's longest-serving active rocket. It has launched 97 times to date, with 100% mission success (with only one partial failure). The majority of the launches have delivered satellites and classified payloads into orbit for the USAF, the NRO, and commercial customers. But what Atlas V is perhaps most known for are its launches of extraplanetary missions for NASA, such as New Horizons, Juno, and the two latest American Mars rovers, Curiosity and Perseverance. Atlas V is also tasked with carrying Boeing's Starliner spacecraft to the ISS under the Commercial Crew Program.

All Atlas V configuration use a three-character nomenclature. The first character indicates the diameter of the fairing rounded to the nearest meter, so "4" or "5" (hence the 400 and 500 series denominations). For Starliner that has none, "N" is used. The following digit indicates the SRB count, up to 3 for the 400 series and up to 5 for the 500 series, Starliner's Atlas V always uses 2. The last digit indicates the number of RL10 engines on the Centaur, which is always 1, apart from Starliner's Centaur which has 2, hence its unique N22 name. The "Atlas V configurations" chart above shows all of the existing combinations.

The photo of my Atlas V model with the real Atlas V on its launch pad was taken by David Diebold.

Thank you for checking out my Atlas V models and if you are considering buying the instructions I am especially grateful to you for supporting my work and directly enabling me to continue producing more designs in the future!

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Product specifications

Pieces and price:

The three default configurations, N22, 431 and 551 contain 628-978 pieces, costing approximately $60-100 (prices on Bricklink vary depending on region and current parts availability), see the buying guide in the section below.


54 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm
21.5 in x 3.5 in x 3 in

Internal colors:

The model includes internal colors which aren't visible when the model is completed. Replacing these reduces the piece price, but can make the building process more complicated, especially if you aren't an experienced MOC builder.

These following colors can all be replaced by "Any color" when exporting the pieces to Bricklink: blue, red, tan, lime, magenta, dark pink and medium lavender.

How to buy the pieces

I recommend buying the pieces required for the model through, which is the largest online marketplace for LEGO® parts sellers.

There are other alternatives, like the official LEGO® Pick a Brick site, but they rarely have all the required pieces and it's often more expensive there.

The process to buy from Bricklink is easier than it seems, and is explained thoroughly in this step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. After buying the product, you need to download the folder named "Part lists" and unzip it.
  2. Choose the part lists you want to buy using the guide in the "Variants" tab below.
  3. Next go to and create an account, it's very easy to set up.
  4. Hover over the "Want" tab in the top right corner and click "Upload" or follow this LINK.
  5. Click on the right "Upload BrickLink XML format" tab and copy and paste the text from your chosen parts list to the text box. You can "Add to" the default wanted list or a new one it from future orders. Either way, upload all the current part lists to the same wanted list to order all the pieces at the same time. Then click the blue "Proceed to verify items" button.
    Repeat step 4-5 for each part list you want to order.
  6. Optional step if you want to save some money: In the wanted list, you can sort by colors and select all the internal pieces (described in "Product specifications" above) and click on "Color" and apply "Non applicable" since all those colors can be substituted without affecting the exterior look.
  7. Optional step if you only want new pieces and as a consequence pay a little bit more: Select all the pieces and change their "Condition" to "New" (needs to be repeated for each page). The default option gives you a price around the estimate and will include both new and used bricks.
  8. Next click the green "Buy All" button and then adjust the settings to your preference. For lower shipping costs, I recommend beginning by choosing your region/country first and only change it if the pieces aren't available there.
  9. Once that's done, click the blue "Auto-select" button, uncheck the box in the pop-up and click "Start".
  10. This will give you a list of stores whose orders together will include all of the pieces in your wanted list. Confirm that all the pieces are included by clicking the "Wanted Items" tab to the left and control that there aren't any pieces left there.
  11. If you are happy with the selection and price, click "Create carts", followed by "Checkout" for each individual store and buy the pieces!
    (If you are not happy with the price or if you're missing any pieces, you can click "Remove All" and redo the auto-selection with different settings)

If you're having any issues with ordering your pieces, don't hesitate to send us a message through the "Contact us" tab in the menu and we'll do out best to help!


This product comes in three different variants, which you'll all have access to with the single purchase. Use these explanations to determine which instructions to use and parts you need to buy to build your desired variant:

1. Atlas V 500-series [978 pcs] - builds the standard Atlas V 551 with 5 SRBs and the 5m wide fairing, and includes the Mars Rovers' aeroshell and cruise stage as payload (NOTE: since Curiosity and Perseverance launched on the 541 configuration, you'll have to remove one SRB according to the chart if you want to display it accurately).

2. Atlas V 400-series [652 pcs] - builds the Atlas V 431 with 3 SRBs and the 4m wide fairing.

3. Atlas V N22 with Starliner [628 pcs] - builds the Atlas V N22 with 2 SRBs, the dual engine Centaur upper stage and the Starliner capsule.

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Testerman
The Best Atlas V Model by Far

It’s clear from the finished model and all its variants that time and care was put into this amazing design. Not only does it incredibly depict the Atlas V given the limitations of LEGO bricks, it also provides a sturdy model that you can’t help but pick up and swoosh around. The build was delightful and easy to follow. After building the 550 variant, I knew I was going to have to build the others.