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Delta IV Heavy

Delta IV Heavy

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This is a digital download and NOT a physical product!

Build and launch your own majestic and brick-built ULA® Delta IV Heavy model

Standing 65 cm (25 in) tall, the Delta IV Heavy model is built at 1:110 scale, the same scale as the LEGO® Saturn V set! It's designed to be very detailed and scale-accurate in everything from the exterior dimensions to details, while keeping the piece price relatively affordable. The default model with the Parker Solar Probe consists of 1981 pieces that cost around $150 and are bought separately (see the "How to buy the bricks" section below).

The digital building instructions you'll receive with your purchase are high-quality and easy to follow, even for less experienced builders.

The model features:

  • Accurate staging, with the three detachable Common Booster Cores (CBC, as well as the Delta Cryogenic Second Stage (DCSS).
  • A payload fairing, housing the kick stage and payload, the Parker Solar Probe.
  • A default NROL configuration custom interstage decals, but no payload.
  • The EFT-1 mission configuration with a removable Orion LAS fairing. See the "Variants" tab below for more info.
  • A sturdy construction with robustly built cores and connections between the stages allowing for easy handling and light play.
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Learn more about the Delta IV Heavy

The Delta IV Heavy is an American expendable heavy-lift launch vehicle originally built and first launched by McDonnell Douglas (acquired by Boeing) in 2004, but since 2006 operated by ULA. It's the largest rocket in the Delta IV family, consisting of three Common Booster Cores strapped together, making it the world's fourth highest-capacity launch vehicle in operation. During its 19 years of service it has launched a total of 14 times so far, mainly carrying national security payloads for the US government. However, its two most notable launches have been for NASA, in 2018 when it launched the Parker Solar Probe, tasked with observing the sun's corona and also the fastest man-made object ever created.[1] As well as the Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1) of the Orion capsule in 2014, to test and validate the soon-to-be lunar capsule's separation events, heat-shield, parachutes and recovery operations prior to its Artemis I launch on SLS.[2]

The Delta IV Heavy is practically identical to my Delta IV Medium (5m) without the side cores. The only difference is the shorter fairing, the addition of the SRBs and the removal of the connection system to the side cores. That means that only minor modifications are required to adapt each models to be transformed into the other. If you're interested in a part list for this purpose, please get in touch with me through the contact form.

Thank you for checking out my Delta IV Heavy model and if you are considering buying the instructions I am especially grateful to you for supporting my work and directly enabling me to continue producing more designs in the future!

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Product specifications

Pieces and price:

The default model with the Parker Solar Probe contains 1981 pieces, costing approximately $150 (prices on Bricklink vary depending on region and current parts availability), see the buying guide in the section below.


65 cm x 14 cm x 5,5 cm
25 in x 5.5 in x 2 in

Internal colors:

The model includes internal colors which aren't visible when the model is completed. Replacing these reduces the piece price, but can make the building process more complicated, especially if you aren't an experienced MOC builder. Consult the included color guide in the instructions for further details.

The following colors can all be replaced by "Any color" when exporting the pieces to BrickLink: dark tan, lime, magenta, medium lavender, orange and red.

And if you prefer the orange color for your Delta IV Heavy, you can use a similar process, but instead replace all "bright light orange" parts with normal orange or any other color of your choice.

How to buy the pieces

I recommend buying the bricks required for the model from, which is the largest online marketplace for LEGO® parts sellers.

There are other alternatives, like the official LEGO® Pick a Brick site, but they rarely have all the required pieces and it's often more expensive there.

The process to buy from Bricklink is easier than it seems, and is explained thoroughly in this step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. After buying the product, you need to download the folder named "Part lists" and unzip it.
  2. Choose the part list(s) you want to buy using the guide in the "Variants" tab below.
  3. Next go to and log in or create an account (it's very easy to set up).
  4. Click on the "Want" tab in the top right corner and "Create New List".
  5. Once you've done that, click on the upload button and drag and drop the part list you want to include in the order. Then click the blue "Proceed to verify items" button.
    Repeat step 5 for each part list you want to order.
  6. [Optional step if you want to slightly reduce the part cost] In the wanted list, you can sort by colors and select all the internal pieces (described in "Product specifications" above) and click on "Color" and apply "Non applicable" since all those colors can be substituted without affecting the exterior look.
  7. [Optional step if you only want new pieces] Select all the pieces and change their "Condition" to "New" (needs to be repeated for each page). Note that this will lead to a higher price and the risk of some parts being unavailable. The default option gives you a price around the estimate and will include both new and used bricks.
  8. Next click the green "Buy All" button and then adjust the settings to your preference. For lower shipping costs, I recommend beginning by choosing your region/country first and only change it if the pieces aren't available there.
  9. Once that's done, click the blue "Auto-select" button, uncheck the box in the pop-up and click "Start".
  10. This will give you a list of stores whose orders together will include all of the pieces in your wanted list. Confirm that all the pieces are included by clicking the "Wanted Items" tab to the left and control that there aren't any pieces left there.
  11. If you are happy with the selection and price, click "Create carts", followed by "Checkout" for each individual store and buy the pieces!
    (If you are not happy with the price or if you're missing any pieces, you can click "Remove All" and redo the auto-selection with different settings)

If you're having any issues with ordering your bricks, don't hesitate to send us a message through the "Contact us" tab in the menu and we'll do out best to help!


This product comes in three different variants, which you'll all have access to with the single purchase. Use these explanations to determine which instructions to use and parts you need to buy to build your desired variant:

1. Delta IV Heavy Parker Solar Probe [1981 pcs] - builds the Delta IV Heavy with the Parker Solar Probe housed in the fairing.

2. Delta IV Heavy NROL variant [1973 pcs] - builds the default Delta IV Heavy as it was for Air Force or Space Force launches. No payload is included!

3. Delta IV Heavy with Orion (EFT-1) [2025 pcs]- builds the Delta IV Heavy EFT-1 (Exploration Fligth Test) mission configuration with the Orion capsule fairing and Launch Abort System.

4. Separate Orion capsule (EFT-1) [268 pcs] - builds only the EFT-1 Orion capsule fairing and Launch Abort System as an add-on to the complete Delta IV Heavy configurations 1 or 2.

5. Delta IV Heavy Parker v1 to v2 update [261 pcs] - Includes only the required bricks to upgrade your current Delta IV Heavy v1.2 model to the current v2 design.

6. Delta IV Heavy EFT-1 v1 to v2 update [302 pcs] - Includes only the required bricks to upgrade your current Delta IV Heavy EFT-1 v1 model to the current v2 design.

NOTE that if you bought the bricks for your model before July 2023, you might own an even older version. In that case you need to contact me for a custom part list to upgrade your model to the newest version.

Change log

2024-03-27 Delta IV Heavy version 2 update which includes brick-built decals on the interstage and a more accurately designed engine section.

The EFT-1 variant features a new removable Abort System fairing that will be able to be replaced with an upcoming Orion capsule.

I've also added a new variant, the default NROL configuration with an empty payload fairing.

If you already own the previous version 1.2, there are dedicated part lists to update your model to this version. The sections that you need to rebuild are:

  • The engine section and front panel of each core.
  • The nosecone section of both side cores.
  • The interstage of the center core.
  • The interior of the payload fairing.

If you built your model before June 2023 and want to upgrade, please contact me.

2024-02-12 The part lists were updated to work with the changed BrickLink part numbers and their format was changed to BSX-files to simplify the upload process to BrickLink.

The instructions have also received a visual update with new front and back covers, as well as a color guide as an aid during the buying and assembly processes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Trent Ozog
Amazing build

This was one of the best moc I ever built it’s well designed and building it was a breeze

Rob Collier
A Fantastic Build

This is a great model, and very robust.

It was straightforward to build, the various stages clip together firmly and securely but are still straight forward to separate without damaging the model.

It's a great addition to my line up of Saturn-V scale rockets!